Indoor Billboards - for advertising that actually gets read.

Become an Indoor Billboards Host Venue

As you know, we relieve an otherwise boring situation by placing high quality, full color advertisements in the restrooms of many restaurants, nightclubs, bowling alleys, health clubs, etc., in the Pensacola area.

We only place our billboards in venues with high traffic and clean restrooms. If your venue qualifies, we propose placing a few of our small (17" x 22") framed billboards in your public restrooms. They are black, solid wood frames with 4 full color ads in each frame neatly arranged behind clear Plexiglas. We situate them above the facilities and in the stalls in the men's room...and inside the stalls and next to the mirror in the women's room.

Our billboards also add color and visual impact to your restrooms. In addition, graffiti and vandalism should drop to next to nothing. When customers have something to read (to occupy their minds), they seldom have any time to write on the walls or tear things up.

Mounting our billboards in your restrooms usually takes less than an hour. We'll need to schedule a time when you aren't busy, in order to avoid getting in the way of your customers.

We never put any ads into your restroom that are in direct competition with you...just as we couldn't put your ad in your competitions's establishment. If there are any other type of ads that you don't want in your restrooms, let us know, and we'll keep them out of your place.

We'll come by once a month for regular maintenance, up-keep, and to change some of the ads. In the mean time, if there is a problem with one of the billboards, just call us and we'll take care of it right away. All we ask is that you wipe them down when you do your regular cleaning.

Contact us to learn how becoming an Indoor Billboards host venue will benefit you.