Indoor Billboards - for advertising that actually gets read.

Frequently Asked Questions

• Advertiser FAQs:

Can I just get one or two ads for a month to test it out?
Sorry, no. We are all about branding, and that takes time and repetition. And it goes without saying, the more ads you get, the better your exposure.

What is the least amount of time that I can advertise with Indoor Billboards?
For special events like 5k runs, festivals, concerts, PSAs, etc., we have a two month minimum. If you are advertising your products or services, we have a 6 month minimum.

What is the minimum amount of ads I can get?
Our minimum is 10, but most of our advertisers realize the advantage of market saturation, so they opt for many more than that.

Do I have to create my ad, or do you have someone to do it?
That's totally up to you. If you feel artistic or creative, you're more than welcome to do it yourself. If creating an ad isn't your thing, we'll be glad to design your initial ad for you for no extra charge.

Can I choose where my ads are placed?
Yes. And if you decide later on that you want to move a few of them to different locations, you can do that too. Just let us know by the 15th of the month prior to the desired change, and we'll take care of it (assuming, of course, that there is space available in the venue that you requested). Ad spaces are available on a 'first come, first served' basis. We also offer 'random' placement (where we choose your locations) for a 10% discount. You can still choose the gender with random placement.

If I want an ad in both the Men's and the Women's rooms in a particular location, is that considered 2 ad spaces?
Yes. Whenever we set aside a space on a given billboard for you, it is considered 'one ad space.' If you choose the 'Men' and the 'Women' in a given venue, we have to reserve spaces on 2 billboards for you, so that would be considered 2 ad spaces for billing purposes.

What do you need from me (to put my ad together)?
You will need to provide us with 3 key elements: a clean copy of your logo, a graphic image (picture or photograph), and the information that you want to convey on your ad. We require 300 dpi or 3 megapixel (minimum) digital image(s) for all graphics. See the rate sheet for details.

Can Indoor Billboards reach my target market?
Yes. With Indoor Billboards, you can narrow your focus to a specific gender, income, lifestyle, and age. As a result, you spend less money and still reach a higher percentage of your desired target market.

What kind of response can I expect and how can I test it?
We can't tell you how many people will respond to a particular ad. A lot of the response depends on the need for your product or service. You can expect noticeable improvements in name and brand recognition as well as product or service awareness among your target audience. Also, Indoor Billboards will enhance the effectiveness of any other advertising that you are doing.

In our experience, the best way to track the response from your Indoor Billboards advertising is to ask your customers how they heard about you. Many will tell you directly that they saw your ad on Indoor Billboards. Others will say they found you online or in the telephone book. Ask them why they chose you above all the others. Usually it's because they've repeatedly seen your ad on Indoor Billboards.

You also receive a laminated copy of your ad. Many advertisers post their laminated copy in a prominent location in their store or office. When a customer comments that they've seen the ad, you know that your Indoor Billboards advertising is working.

Finally, you might want to offer a discount or special to anyone who mentions seeing your Indoor Billboards advertisement. As long as you make your offer enticing enough, people will mention it.

Do you suggest that I only have my ad placed in locations near my place of business?
Not necessarily. People come from far and wide to go to Pensacola Beach (for example). The fact is, popular places attract patrons from all over. So even if your ad is in a popular venue across town, it's a pretty good bet that potential customers from your area will be there.

• Advertising Agency FAQs:

Do you offer an agency discount? We extend the standard 15% agency commission to all official advertising agencies with a contracted ad buy of 50 ad spaces or more for a 6 month minimum run.

Will it diminish my customer's brand to advertise in restrooms? Absolutely not. When surveyed, 98% expressed a favorable opinion of restroom advertising. Successful companies like Taco Bell, Yelp, Verizon, Uber, Sony, Unilever, Nintendo, Budweiser, State Farm, Axe, Miller Brewing, Volkswagen and BMW (to name just a few) take advantage of the benefits of restroom advertising.

What is your cost per thousand impressions (CPM)? With so many changing variables to consider for each venue, it just didn’t make sense to commission anyone to study it. Plus, we would have to pass that cost on to our customers.

Instead, we just did some simple math.

As an example, if you are spending $15 per month for an ad space, that amounts to 50¢ a day. If only 50 people a day see that ad, that's a penny per view for a targeted audience that gives your message 1-4 minutes (average) of their undivided attention. At that rate, the CPM is $10.00.

Of course, every venue is different, and the numbers vary depending on multiple factors.

• Host Venue FAQs:

What are your requirements for becoming an Indoor Billboards venue? If your venue has high traffic and clean restrooms, you probably qualify.

How often do you maintain the billboards? We'll come by once a month for regular maintenance and to change some of the ads. If there is ever an issue with one of the billboards, just call us, and we'll take care of it right away. All we ask is that you wipe them down when you do your regular cleaning.

What if I don't want certain advertisers in my venue? We never put any ads into your restroom that are in direct competition with you. If there are any other advertisers that you don't want in your restrooms, let us know, and we'll keep them out of your establishment.

How much does it cost to host Indoor Billboards in my venue? It doesn't cost you a penny...just a little wall space.

Why should I become an Indoor Billboards venue? Contact us to learn how becoming an Indoor Billboards host venue will benefit you.