Indoor Billboards - for advertising that actually gets read.

Customer Testimonials

"We love the exposure. We get a lot of comments and a lot of reaction. They are effective. People are obviously reading them."
- Janet McDonald • Copy Cat Printing

"You really are captivating your market. When properly placed, you can really hit your target market well. You can't turn the page. It holds the reader's attention. I've been advertising with Indoor Billboards since 1991, and I'm not changing now."
- Dave Dodson • Weatherford's Four Season Apparel

"Out of any advertising I do (and I do a lot), Indoor Billboards constantly gets me the most feedback and the most comments of all. The first month I advertised on the billboards, I made enough business to pay for a full year of advertising. For every one person who tells me they saw my ad, I know there are at least 50 who saw it and didn't tell me."
- David Presnell • Big Rhino Screen Printing

"Fantastic service. Great response."
- Tony Davis • Davis Bail Bonds

"Over the last few decades, I've watched both of our businesses grow, and now the next generation is stepping up to the plate. People tell me that (through our Indoor Billboards ads) they saw my son, Blake, grow up. --It's creative advertising with a captive audience."
- Wanda Mercer • Compu-Graphix

"We love Indoor Billboards! It's been our favorite form of visual advertisement. Definitely a must for a local business. The owners/employees are great to work with and very accommodating to our custom needs. Highly recommend ...two thumbs up!"
- Jason and Crystal Henry • The Psychedelic Shack

"People reference the billboards when they call about our products and services. We recommend this media to other businesses around town."
- Mike Ryan • Mike Ryan's Truck & Auto Accessories

"Best advertising you can get for the money!"
- George Hirst • Hirst Transmission Specialists

"Best advertising! Best experience! This is the best advertising ever! I get lots of comments and responses."
- Karola Jefferson • Karola's Limousine Service

"I'm extremely pleased. Indoor Billboards is very affordable. This stuff gets read! You guys do a great job!"
- Mike Steadham • A-1 Accessories

"I have used many types of advertising throughout my bail bonds career. I have never stopped using Indoor Billboards. I firmly believe that Indoor Billboards is the best and most effective advertising out there. And they are great people to work with."
- Sonny Reid • Sonny Reid Bail Bonds

"I've gotten more feedback from Indoor Billboards than I have with any other advertising."
- Eric Stevenson • Attorney at Law

"Indoor Billboards has been the most effective method of advertising we have ever used. Their unique delivery method and top-tier service delivers consistently amazing results at a price that won't empty your bank account."
- Brandon Roberts • Steve Roberts Bail Bonds

"I'm extremely pleased with such great service from Indoor Billboards. I credit at least 50% of my business to them. Best advertising that I do."
- Victor Herm • Premier Tinting

"We've advertised with Indoor Billboards for over 10 years with remarkable results. When we mention our business to others, they remark that they've seen our ads around our area. Indoor Billboards is one of only 2 forms of advertising I pay for."
- Shannon Janssen • Beach Auto Painting and Collision

"Amazing exposure! Truly a captive audience. Great value!"
- Randy Bricker • Just Ask Randy

"You are, without question, the most noticed, most commented on, and most efficient advertising in the history of our business."
- Harrison Bruno • Healthy Gardens & Supply

"Indoor Billboards is a unique way to advertise and one of the best ways to get your company name out there. I've been advertising with them for over 10 years, and I am extremely pleased with their service."
- Matt McKeehan • Matt McKeehan Bail Bonds

"What can we say about Indoor Billboards? Best investment we have ever made. The return for your investment is out of this world. We have tried everything, but this is the real deal. The customer service is also top class. They work with you in all different ways and treat you like you're old buddies. I highly recommend Indoor Billboards."
- Rue Ramos • Sports & More

"In all the years that I have been advertising, this is the most unique and (by far) the most cost effective medium that I have ever used."
- Rob Bellanova • Randall's Formal Wear

"Extremely satisfied! The best deal I have come across. The best thing for the buck."
- James White • X-A-Dent

"Real good response! Captive audience ...I'm very pleased!"
- Bill Ivey • Ivey's Pet Center

"Our clients call in regularly asking for the phone number of the company with the billboard advertisements in our bathrooms, as well as phone numbers from particular ads they saw there."
- Ami Wight • Omni Health and Fitness

"My experience with Indoor Billboards has been excellent! They are very helpful and get right to work. This is the best advertising I have ever had. I get many call-backs. I recommend any business give them a try."
- Daniel Spivey • Next Level Installs, LLC