Indoor Billboards - for advertising that actually gets read.

Top 10 Reasons to Advertise With Indoor Billboards

1. Up close & personal: Your ad is strategically placed where it is virtually impossible to ignore. And because your message is presented in such an intimate setting, it is received on a much more personal level ...creating higher viewer recall, familiarity, and trust.

2. Captive audience: You have at least 1-4 full minutes of your prospective customer's attention while they're physically idle, yet mentally engaged without interruptions or distractions. Compare that with the mere 3-5 seconds spent glancing at the average print ad.

3. High viewer recall: Because you have the viewer's undivided attention for an extended period of time, and because your message is presented in such a unique and personal way, it is remembered for days...even weeks later.

4. Relieves an otherwise boring situation: Indoor Billboards catches your audience at a time when they welcome something to read to occupy their mind, instead of just staring at a blank wall.

5. Low rates: We offer full color advertising for a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising (see rate sheet). There are no hidden costs and no extra charges for color, basic ad design, production, or placement of your ad. It's all included in the base rate.

6. Target your audience and save money: You can target your message to reach specific demographics such as gender, income, lifestyle, and age. As a result, you spend less of your advertising dollar and still reach a much higher percentage of your desired target market.

7. Reach an untapped demographic: We reach people that tend to have a higher than average disposable income. As a result, they generally lead a more active lifestyle, and they are often harder to reach with conventional types of advertising like TV, newspapers, etc.

8. Less clutter for your message to compete with: Compare Indoor Billboards with the clutter in newspapers, want ad papers, magazines, and on the internet. And with radio and TV, it's one ad after another that just vanish into thin air. Even with outdoor advertising, your message is diluted with scores of other signs, utility poles, traffic, etc.

9. Great way to introduce yourself: Expect noticeable improvements in name and brand recognition as well as product or service awareness among your target audience. Potential customers will choose you over your competition because they feel comfortable and familiar with you and your message.

10. Full color advertising: We offer full color advertising for no extra charge. Your message will have the visual impact that most black & white or spot color advertisements can't achieve.